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Could There be a Common Visual Language, an EU Hieroglyphic?

EU Pluribus Unum? It is amusing to think that the official European Union website devotes a lengthy link to “A Plain Language Guide to Euro-Jargon.” Jargon is a kind of insular argot that obscures rather than conveys meaning. It is language in euphemism used only by insiders. Often it is unintelligible to the rest of […]

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The Art of Masturbation

Paysage Fautif   In 1946 Marcel Duchamp made a present of his own semen to his Brazilian lover, sculptor Maria Martins. Hard as it is to imagine, he preserved his spoor on Astralon, a forerunner to Acrylic, gave it a black satin backing, and framed it with wood. The naughty abstraction, Paysage Fautif, comments perversely […]

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Marcel Duchamp had many faces. Chance musician. Short film maker. Exhibition designer. Multi-media artist. Sculptor. Theorist. Painter. Global nomad. And of course, creator of the readymade. Duchamp thought in the round about the arts. We are inspired to do the same.  

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